SP is a growth and acquisition specialist working with VC and early-stage pre seed investors to implement data driven decision making.
Key focus areas include experiment design, metric analysis and execution.
We look for technical founders with a keen understanding of product.

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What do we invest in?
We have diverse backgrounds in Tech, digital and internet so we like to think we can add value in those areas. That being said we look for great founders who come in with industry expertise and superior product so that we can add value in the areas of the business surrounding growth and scale.

What we invest?
We offer each startup a convertible note of £35,000 at a discount of 25%. You can download our convertible note template here. In addition there are a whole bunch of add ons including some space to work with us, some deals with some big tech businesses like AWS and SendGrid and 24/7 access to our team and growth consultants.

Where do we invest?
We are based in London and work with most of our companies when they’re here however we’re open to meeting teams from throughout Europe as we see huge potential in areas outside the UK.

What do we look for?
We look for full time team with a product servicing some early customers and some early revenue so that we have a platform to build on.

What stage do we invest?
We are early-stage investors so that can mean a lot of things. We like to think our sweet spot is having already raised an early round to build a product and where we can inject some capital to solidify those acquisition channels and to position the company towards a larger seed round.

Why us?
We don’t believe in the fluff around early-stage business today. We believe that good money follows good business and that the most important thing is growth. If we can help entrepreneurs build their customer base in an exponential way we feel our work will be rewarded in the future.